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Standart a Lucky Day

a Lucky DayA few years ago just after I retired I met this guy who was a manager at at restaurant and started to pay for all my meals and in exchange I worked on his cars,WIN WIN for the both of us.I started to go at lunch and would come home to look at porn as I would always catch a buzz,When I came home this one summer day I was feeling horny so I put on some Vintage porn movies,after a while I stripped Nude and thought I should go outside wearing only my panty. I would always go out on a work day so I knew my neighbors were at work,I had another cold beer on a table next to me and decided to remove my shorts only wearing a semi sheer panty, The sun felt so good a I was baking under the 87 degree day and decided since I hadn't seen anyone I would take of my panty and let the sun bake my cock,My cock was throbbing more from being nude that the sun,I had a hard on and it was growing,I started to fantasize about the movie I was watching and thought this would be a god time to masturbate,I couldn't see anyone around and because I live on a corner house I could see anyone coming into my yard,I started pinching my nipple and now my cock was hard and I felt it was only time before I shot a load.All of a sudden I heard a door slam and was wondering where it came from,I still didn't see anyone when I heard my name being called,they were or I should say She was at the side door of my house but still couldn't see who it was,I quickly put my panty on and my cock started to get soft,I could feel some precum in my panty and could also see a wet spot on my panty. She called again,this time I answered her and said I'm in the back yard,before I saw who it was I put a t-shirt on and my shorts over my panty. It was Lynn from across the street,she had never stopped over,infarct I don't even know her last name,she walked into my patio area and saw me laying out. She said to me as she walked over,Are you busy and I answered No,why whats going on,she said I'm having some work done at my house and thought if you had time you could check their work,I said sure when do you want me to come over and she said now,so I put on my tennis shoes and walked with her to her house. We went upstairs as she has a split level,she is at least 12 years older than me,but 20 years ago,she was a Hot older woman and always had a thing for her.While we were upstairs I could see my house and made a comment,So this is how my house looks from across the street. She said she wanted to put her youwin shorts on as it was hot and didn't have the air conditioning on downstairs,so I said OK. When I was upstairs I walked down her hallway where her bedroom is and her door was partway open,I just stood there and said nothing and could see her shorts were already on but she was removing her blouse and I could see the back of her bra which looked large as she had gained weight and now has Large breast's. She called my name and I had to answer so then she knew I was right outside her room. Lynn said if your right there could you come in here and help me,my cock was throbbing in my panty and I said Yes sure and went into her bedroom It was a beautiful room with framed pictures and furniture on one end and a canopy over her bed on the other end or her room,I had really never seen a bedroom this big.She turned to me and said Do you think I need a Breast reduction,I really didn't know what to say and looked at her white bra with her over sized breast filled inside her big bra. I said to her,What do you think and she said she had been reading about women in her age group that got breast reduction and thought it was safe surgery. I told her I agreed and told her she was still a very sexy looking woman and if this was something she wanted to do she should be happy wither her decision. Her bra opened from the front and said before we go downstairs could I give her an honest answer and I said Yes sure,she placed her hands on her bra and said I want you to look at these and tell me your opinion. As she undid her bra,her tits slowly came out and were huge I said Lynn what size are these and she said she was embarrassed to tell me,They were the biggest I ever saw except from online porn. When she was pulling her bra to the side of her tits I could see her nipple's were hard and large like I never thought they would be. As they sagged downward she looked at me and said What do you think and I said WOw these tits are Huge and you should do what you want. She said to me,Would I like to feel how hard they feel and I said yes,her tits were hard and very heavy and she said No my nipples,Would you like to touch and pinch these as they feel so hard all the time so I reached over to her as we were both still standing there and she said would you feel better if we were sitting and I said yes,we walked over to her small sofa and her breast's were hanging and bouncing as she walked over there. youwin güvenilir mi We both sat down as the sofa was small and now we were very close to each other,I looked in her eyes and said Lynn your breasts are very sexy and you are very pretty so that's when she leaned over to me a gave me a small kiss on my lips,I was surprised by her actions and told her from living across the street and always waving to her she has always been a beautiful neighbor of mine. She leaned into me her breast pushing against my chest and kissed me again and this time I kissed her in return,It seemed like minutes together we were kissing. Lynn said Are you comfortable and I said not really,this love seat is small for the 2 or us. She said we could go into the living room and sit on the couch and she could make me ice tea,I said sure we could do that and I'm thirsty as her air wasn't on yet. when we got off the love seat,She said to me these kisses have done something for me (Her) and I said me too.She looked at my shorts and saw my small bulge and purposely brushed up against me and said are you Hot and I said Yes,you should really put the air on,and she giggled to me. She said go make your self comfortable on the couch and i will make some ice tea. I walked over to the couch and it was several minutes when she said,could you help me bring in the glasses of tea,Not being in her house before I walked to where I thought was the kitchen and she was in there in a all white very sheer night gown and said she was really hot and need to cool down if that was OK,I said sure as I could see her large breast hanging low. I walked right up to her and bent down to give her a kiss as she's a shorter woman and I'm 6 ft 2 inches.,next I felt her hand pulling at my shorts,I stopped with my kiss and said Can I help you and she said Can she help me?,so I said yes and she slowly placed her hands on my drawstring shorts and they were down in a second,my cock was hard in my panty,I could feel her hand cup my balls as she was already inside my panty. She said your already a little sticky down there and I told her that's because you did this to me when you asked me to look at your breasts.She pulled my panty down to my knees and said I think your going to love this. Before anything happened,She said to me What kind of underwear are you wearing? I told her I bought these from a Men's store of Thongs off Ebay. She pulled the panty back up and said these are youwin giriş cute and wanted to look at them again. i bent over again and gave her some very soft kisses while my hand was reaching for her hard nipple.Again another few minutes passed and she said you are so nice and kiss so well,Then she said follow me,so I walked down the hallway back to her bedroom. As we entered her bedroom she spun around as her night gown flew open showing me her sagging tits and this time I saw her pubic hair,It looked blonde maybe grey. She got onto her bed and rolled over on her back with her gown completely open,She said please come over,there's plenty of room,I walked to the edge of her bed and again she pulled my panty down and pulled on my cock and said just hold still,as she was still on her back,she wanted me to place my cock on her forehead which I did,she rolled over and placed my cock in her mouth as she really sucked me rubbing on my balls,I thought this won't be too long as I was ready to blow a load. I asked her if I could join her on her bed which she welcomed me.I went right down on here and saw that her pubic hair looked blonde and I started to lick her,she was so wet I thought she was not going to last long either. She was screaming and yelling my name out loud which made me very horny. I stopped eating her out and Placed my 2 fingers in her vagina at the same time I put it in her,She was so hot and wet and I was throbbing inside her,I started to hump her,as I am so much taller than her my nipples lined up with her mouth as she started to bit them,it hurt so much but kept humping her until I blew my load inside her. As I pulled myself out of her and laid next to her we started to make small talk,She said this is what she was looking for in the last several months,so this was my lucky day. After a good half hour,she rolled over me,her giant tits are so big its like a heavy weight while I feel them on my belly and chest. She put my cock in her mouth and said that She tasted good from when I was in her. She gave me a wet and slow blowjob and when I was going to cum for the 2nd time I said I'm going to come and she said wait,Wait and I shot my cum right on her huge tits,After a few minutes she said she needed to get some stuff taken care of,I still went downstairs with her and checked these guys work.which they did fine work. She said she had fun and don't be a stranger,which made me feel good knowing we would do this again,as I write you story and relive this excellent time with Lynn,I can feel my precum dripping down the shaft of my cock. We did get together several more times maybe 2-3 times a year for 3 more years,She still lives across the street but now at 76 we are no longer lovers but good friends
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